Hair: Black/Brown Highlights                                                                                        Height: 5’ 5”

                  Weight: 155 lbs.                                                                                                    Eyes: Dark Brown




Orange Is The New Black (Netflix Original)                                   Nun                                          Director: Michael Trim

Celebrity Ghost Stories (Biography Channel)                        Angie (Supporting)                           Director: Charlie Mysak

The Dr. Oz Show                                                                    Principal/Model                               Director: Patrick Hester

Scorned: Love Kills (Investigation Discovery Channel)              Church Lady                                Director: Gregory Kohn

My Dirty Little Secret (Investigation Discovery Channel)           Pharmacist                                   Director: Joel Pincosy

Deadly Sins (Investigation Discovery Channel)               Gambler, Bar/Restaurant Patron             Director: Erik Weigel

The Katie Couric Show (WABC)                                               Lifestyle Model                              Director: Daisy Lewellyn

Substance                                                                               Rehab Patient                                Director: Sue McCormack

Downtown Girls (Web Series)                                                    Mother                                         Director: Chandra Russell

Pioneer One (Web Series)                                                 Homeland Security Aide                     Director: Bracey Smith

Quiet On The Set                                 (Winner of the SVA Exceptional Award) Patient               Director: R. J. Barkelew

Scavenger Killers                                                                 Club Patron                                      Director: Dylan Bank

Elementary                                                                            Passerby                                         Director: Colm McCarthy



Western Union (Print)                                                     Principal/Mother                                    Gravity Entertainment

Walt Disney World (The Disney Project)                          Principal/Wife                                        HSI Productions

WABC (Channel 7) Eyewitness News                            Principal/Testimonial                               Most Remarkable Productions

Ridgewood Savings Bank                                                    Banker                                              Sharpleft Studios Production

FEM MED Sleep                                                          Principal/Testimonial                                 Avalanche Productions

Pajama Jeans (Infomercial)                                          Principal/Testimonial                                Concepts TV

Prolia                                                                               Thatre Patron                                       Limelight Media

Punch Magazine for IPAD                                               Board Member                                      Walrus Production



Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate                         Principal/Real Estate Agent                       Director: John Robustelli

You Are A Rock                                                             Principal/”Jasmine”                                  Director: Johnny Freeman

Asthma Awareness                                                           Principal/Mother                                  Director: Jessica Rotondi             

Novartis Pharmaceutical (Gilenya)                                      Principal/Doctor                                 Simulations, Inc.

Zogenix, Inc. (Zohydro)                                                      Principal/Doctor                                  Simulations, Inc.



Bellevue Sketches (Off-Broadway)                               Georgina/Ensemble                               Director: Thomas G. Waites

Rivers Current (Staged Reading)                                        Estelle/Soloist                                    Director: Brad Reigner



Written/performed  five one-woman cabaret shows :The Metropolitan Room, The Laurie Beechman Theater & Don’t Tell Mama


AWARDS  (Global Stars Network 2012/Wilhelmina Philadelphia)

  Overall Female Actor      People's Choice           ▪ 1st Place Lifestyle Talent    1st Place Lifestyle Photo   2nd.  Place Lifestyle Runway



Advanced Acting - Ongoing                                             Thomas G. Waites (The Warriors) - TGW Acting Studio

Vocal Performance Technique                                          Billy Porter (Kinky Boots)/Patrick Michael Wickham

Vocal Technique/Repertoire Study - Ongoing                  Justin Stoney -- New York Vocal Coaching

Acting Technique                                                              William Esper Studio (Summer Intensive)

Hunter College                                                                  B.A. Theatre/ Mass Communication


ETC: Strong Improvisational skills, Soloist, Cabaret Singer (Mezzo Soprano), “One-Woman” show performer, Belter, Ensemble,  Jamaican Dialect,  Gospel, Basic Spanish, Scene Study, Creative and Resume Writing, Coaching, Interviewing, Counseling, Employee Relations, Human Resources Managing Director, Investment Banking, Training, Aerobics, Completed first marathon in 2014