It's My Birthday

Fifty one years ago today, I took my first breath. As a little girl, I spent a lot of time alone, yet, I was rarely lonely. I was acutely aware of a beautiful presence, a kind spirit, hovering, doting. Time passed. Life happened and it was not always kind. There were times when it stomped me bloody, until all I could do was crawl along the dark and broken road. It was in those wretched hours when that familiar presence would wrap me, ever so gently, in a peaceful light and flood my soul with the purest love. When I had no strength left, I was carried. When I slept, that presence stood watch. Guarding. Protecting.

Today, I celebrate not only the fifty one year old gift of my first breath, but I must celebrate the sweet presence of God that has been my divine and steadfast companion all these years. No matter how my life unfolds from here, I will take refuge in the knowledge that I have never been, or ever will be, alone.

This "little girl" feels very blessed and highly favored to have such thoughtful FB friends. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. Hugging every single one of you.

Best Wishes. Donna