Decide to Learn the Lessons

We are all, each and every one of us, broken in some way or another. The fractured pieces surface from time to time as a painful reminder of events and people we would rather forget. We don our masks and project the appearance that all is well. Yet, deep inside the pain rages with a vengeance. We resolve to believe that we are just another face in this massive sea of humanity, with a story just like everybody else…and therefore no one really, truly cares.

Know this. If we scoured the entire universe, one could not find another like you. You are uniquely designed and divinely created. God loves you with a love that is only for you. He understands your needs even when you are unable to articulate them with clarity. He is one step ahead of you because he created the path on which you travel. Yes, we have all been in some dark places, but you are not doomed to live there and settle into the shadows.

Instead, decide to learn the lessons these experiences were designed to teach you, and then step out into the warm sunshine of God’s forgiveness and abundant love. Feel it on your face and allow its healing salve to meander through the broken crevices of your soul. Finally, take comfort in the knowledge that you are loved and you are special, simply because you are here. Have a blessed week everybody.